Cruising the Western Caribbean Cruising the Western Caribbean Carnival offers plenty of room to party, play, swim, watch the big screen and have fun 119552635 Enjoy the water slide, pool or giant TV 119530914 Fish carved from a solid block of ice 119530915 Enjoy playing mini-golf at the top of the ship 119556734 Celebrate graduations, honeymoons, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. with a special cake 119530917 Chefs carve interesting designs from fruits and vegetables 119530919 One of the many towel characters found on your bed each night 119530918 One of the formal dining rooms set for dinner 119530920 Guests Pam and Jenny enjoying being served by one of Carnival's extraordinary waiters 119530921 Guests and staff enjoy playing games day and night 119530922 Jamaican countryside 119530923 One of many homes located in the hills of Jamaica 119530924 Pineapples and other fruits being grown at the Croydon Farm in Jamaica 119530925 Map explaining the history of the Croydon Farm in Jamaica 119530926 One of the many street vendors in Jamaica selling her wares 119530927 Boarding the ferry from the Conquest to reach Grand Cayman 119530928 One of many white sand beaches in Grand Cayman to enjoy the sun, snorkel or do a little people watching 119530929 Many homes in Grand Cayman are built with fenced family cemeteries in their front yards 119530930 Mansion owned by one of the many wealthy families in Grand Cayman 119530931 White sand beaches offer great exploration opportunities 119530932 Individual shops abound on the streets of Grand Cayman 119530933 Shopping centers offer a great assortment of jewelry, clothing, and many duty-free items. Be sure to stop in at the Tortuga Rum Cake Factory for a free sample. 119530934 Young at heart Stella and George enjoy Carnival's incredible meals 119552433 Many enjoy dressing in costume for Halloween on the cruise 119552634 Staff and guests enjoy the treats during Carnival's Halloween party onboard 119552636 One of Mexico's oldest churches - located in Progresso 119552637 Progresso's Rancho Tierra Bonita displayed riding and roping skills 119552638 Traditional Mexican songs and dances were performed at Rancho Tierra Bonita in Progresso 119552639 The Cultural Center in Cozumel offers many pieces of art and cultural history 119552640 Replicas of early Mexico are displayed at the Cultural Center in Cozumel 119552641 Waves come crashing in on the windward side of Cozumel 119552642