My Pin Money Travel, LLC

About Us

After having worked for other agencies since the spring of 2003, I decided to launch my own business. I wanted to be able to assist clients without charging them a fee, and spend time looking for the best prices and destinations.  I am passionate about travel and want to be able to sell to the needs of the customer, not the business. I am a CLIA Certified Travel Agent to meet your cruise needs as well as being a Special Needs advocate and can book land or sea vacations so everyone can enjoy a fun vacation.    

 In November, 2009, MY PIN MONEY TRAVEL, LLC was born!  I enjoy working with friends and family and am always on the lookout for new client friends who enjoy traveling.  I want to find the perfect vacation for every traveler so you can get away, relax and enjoy whatever excursions or activities make you happy.  I love nothing more than hearing your stories and seeing your pictures from an enjoyable  vacation experience.  If you can't vacation, I am pleased to assist with your business needs so your trip goes smoothly and you return home as relaxed as possible.