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                                                      MPMT 2013 HAM CRUISE #2

The week of February 9, 2013 through February 17, 2013 was filled with much excitement.  Our group of 54 passengers (some hams, some family and friends) began gathering Saturday afternoon at the Holiday Inn Sunspree on the Seawall in Galveston, Texas.  We had a terrific buffet dinner that evening and enjoyed meeting and visiting with new and old friends.  Sunday morning we all headed to board the Carnival Magic for 7 days of true Magic..  Shortly after setting sail, we gathered for a quick meeting to discuss events, our Maritime Chaplain George Schmidt, WA4GDB, blessed our voyage and we were off.  Both HF radios were installed and began operation shortly after we set sail and continued until the last night of our cruise.  We sailed to Key West, Freeport and Nassau, Bahamas.  We recorded over 1500 hand written log entries and approximately 400 electronic logs were captured.  The manual log included contacts in 45 states and 38 foreign countries.  Modes used included SSB, CW and PSK-31. There were many shore excursions, ship activities, live performances,wonderful food, relaxation and other events as well as amateur operations enjoyed during the week.  This week also featured Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday blessings from our chaplain for those who wished to attend as well as Valentines. We had our picture taken wearing our matching MPMT cruise t-shirts which was a great keepsake.  During the cruise Jeff Schmidt, N5MNW and Dave McCombs gave presentations which were very interesting.   At our final group meeting on Saturday, February 16, 2013 this voyage, as well as future ham trips, were discussed.  There were prizes awarded to both non-amateurs as well as amateurs.   Our non-ham winners receiving a Del Sol bag included Carolyn Kendrick and Janet Wrenn and Chris Weiss (wife of Mark Weiss K6F) won a digital photo album.  Our sponsors, Dave, (NA5CW) and Caren, (WB5NWZ), McCombs, owners of Houston Amateur Radio Supply awarded the following amateurs prizes including: a log book to Arnie Schwartz, WB6PJC, a log book to Hulen Smith, K5HCS, a 2012/2013 Repeater Directory to Dennis Paul, AE5GA, a 2012/2013 Repeater Directory to Ashley Waters, W5LK,  an HT Radio with Drop In Charger to  Lori Schmidt, KM5MQ ,  a Dual Band HT Radio to Jeff Schmidt, N5MNW,  a 2 Meter 35W  Mirage Amplifier,  with the Grand Prize of a Yaezu FT6OR Handheld going to Terry Chau, KA5CFG.  All in all, we had a wonderful, fun filled week and are already planning for next year's January 2014 ham cruise to Belize, Roatan and Cozumel.  

                                                               MPMT'S 2011 HAM CRUISE --

 My Pin Money Travel hosted its first Maritime Mobile Radio Cruise the week of October 30, 2011 on the Carnival Conquest.  Our group of 33 passengers traveled from Galveston, stopping at Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel.  While in international waters the 22 amateurs in our group made over 600 worldwide contacts on the two HF radios which were provided by ICOM.  We had exclusive permission from the cruise line and written approval from the Captain in accordance with FCC Rules and Regs for our group and everyone enjoyed working maritime mobile.  Lance Rumfield, WD5X acted as technical coordinator and he along with Danny Rumfield, WA5DTR, Timmy Rumfield, W5TMR and Terry Chau, KA5CFG installed and kept communications working during the cruise.  Special thanks also to Lori Schmidt, KM5MQ for her assistance and ARRL materials.

While on the cruise, our group was treated to a blessing by Maritime Chaplain George Schmidt and presentations given by Jens Schumann (our German amateur) and Walt Ordway.  Family and friends helped round out our group and everyone enjoyed many treats, the food, shipboard activities, entertainment, Halloween and other Carnival parties.  One of our guests, Rod Hogg not only won dinner at the Steakhouse, but also a free cruise from Carnival.  

Pictures and comments from our cruisers appear on this site.  Many wonderful moments occurred during this cruise and terrific new friendships were formed which made the week even more memorable.  As many requested a repeat, MPMT's Ham Radio 2 cruise is now forming.  

For questions or to receive information about the upcoming February, 2013 ham cruise or if you need assistance in planning your next vacation or other travel, please send an email to Debbie at  My Pin Money Travel, LLC (MPMT)  at  and you will be contacted shortly so you can begin transforming travel wishes into everlasting memories.



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